Light of Life Series Pt. 14: The Light of Dawn

When God makes His Light shine in our hearts (if you missed it, see Light with Purpose), something changes.  We are no longer walking in darkness, but in the Light of relationship with the Almighty!

Check out the verse for today.

Now let’s start with the word righteous.  The Hebrew word used here means “right standing with God, blameless, innocent.”

No matter where you’ve been in your life, if you are in Christ, you have “the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe.”  (See Romans 3:22 and Philippians 3:9)  

Jesus, you take my breath away… how is it that we get to have the righteousness of God?!

(We need to use the Psalmist’s term Selah here… “pause and think of that.”)

Now check out the Hebrew word used for path.  It means way, path, course.  But the term also means “a well-trodden road.”  That phrase indicates a well-known, much traveled, abiding familiarity of that path.

Isn’t that beautiful?

The well-trodden path of those who walk with God is like the light of the sunrise, growing brighter and brighter until the fullness of day.

May our lights shine on those sitting in darkness and lead them to Christ, the Light of Life!

colorful sunset

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