Light of Life Series Pt. 17: Saints in Light (Pt.1)

Ok, scholars.  Let’s dig on this one.  There are some great insights from the richness of the language here!  And yes, there is so much depth and beauty in this verse, this will be a two-parter… so you won’t want to miss the next one!

Let’s start with the word saints used in our verse for today.

It comes from the Greek word hágios which means set apart by (or for) God, holy, sacred.  It means different, unlike, other.

And I just learned this, check it out–  hágios is the word that was used to describe first century temples.  They were considered hágios (holy) because they were different from regular buildings.

And this is the word chosen to represent believers.  But I love the reason!

Hágios or holy has the technical meaning of “different from the world because like the Lord.”  But here’s my favorite part: hágios implies something “set apart” and therefore “different (distinguished/distinct)” – i.e. “other,” because special to the Lord.  (See here.)

Do you see that?

Beloved, in Christ you are already saints!  You are holy, set apart, and special to the Lord!

So, if we unpacked each word and its meaning with today’s beautiful and encouraging verse, it would sound something like this:

Give thanks to the Father… wait let’s stop there for a minute.  This is beautiful…

The word used here is patḗr and means “one who imparts life and is committed to it; a progenitor (parent, ancestor), bringing into being to pass on the potential for likeness.”  (See here.)

The Sovereign, indescribable, eternal Yahweh wants to pass on His likeness to us.  And He not only imparts His life to us, but is also committed to seeing us grow up in Him!  Can you even wrap your mind around that?  I know I can’t… it’s too big for my small, finite mind to grasp the extent of our Eternal Father’s love.

Oh! Give thanks to the Father who has enabled us (who in Christ has made us sufficient, made us fit to obtain) a share (a portion assigned to us) in the eternal salvation of the holy– those who are set apart by and for Christ, those who are different from the world because they are like the Lord.  We are holy saints, “other” because we are special to the Father.  And we– yes you– get to inherit the Kingdom of Light.  We get to know and be in the presence of the manifestation (clear evidence, proof, presentation) of God’s self-existent life.

There’s more great stuff tomorrow… stay tuned!Light of Life Series Pt. 17

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