Light of Life Series Pt. 17: Saints in Light (Pt.2)

Today we will focus on the second half of the verse.


Let’s look at the word delivered in this part of the verse: “He has delivered us from the domain of darkness…”

The word translated here as deliver means “I rescue, deliver (from danger or destruction).”  It comes from a Greek word that means to “draw to oneself” – properly, draw (pull) to oneself; to rescue (“snatch up”); to draw or rescue a person to and for the deliverer.”   It implies removing someone in the midst (presence) of danger or oppression, i.e. delivered “right out of” and to (for) the rescuer.]” (See here.)

Drawn to Oneself.  To and for the Deliverer.

Does that not take your breath away?  And what are we rescued from?

The crushing obscurity of being unknown, unnoticed, unimportant.  The oppressive authority of sin and its consequent misery.  The life-draining hopelessness of never knowing God’s Light.  The dangerous end for an unrescued soul.

And we aren’t rescued to be left alone without a place to belong.  We are rescued to belong to Someone!

Does this not play out like the greatest Hero movie ever known to mankind?  Can you imagine the battle in the heavenlies?  Heart-stopping.  Pulse racing.  Adrenaline surging rescue.  Only better because it’s real.  It’s real!  The Hero of our story is the Creator Himself, the Sovereign King of eternity, the Self-Existent Yahweh who lives in unapproachable light!  And He pulls us to Himself, snatching us from danger, for Himself to cherish forever.

What are we that He would even take the time to rescue us from danger, let alone come Himself to pay that price?

Once rescued, we are adopted as children of the Most High King, princes and princesses in the eternal Kingdom of Light. We have been set free from the power of sin and darkness, and our Father has brought us into the Kingdom of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

Best.  Story.  Ever.

Oh, beloved, it’s real.  And it’s ours!

Light of Life Series Pt. 17

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