Book Summary

Book Summary

Everybody wants a miracle—a Red Sea to be parted, a giant to be slayed, a mountain to be moved. And while God can still part seas, take down giants, and move mountains, often the most significant miracle is that God chooses to walk with His children in the daily grind of life … that He knows our prayers before we speak them and knows the number of hairs on our head.

I Saw That is about the miracle of the minutia. We rarely miss the big things God does or the way He answers our big, bold prayers, but we rarely see the small ways He cares for us—speaks to us and dances over us—mostly because we aren’t looking. But God is at work daily in the ordinary and mundane, bringing all things together for our good.

It’s never a matter of whether or not He is faithful. It’s always a matter of whether or not we see it. If you’re a follower of Jesus, this book will strengthen your faith. If you’re not quite sure you believe in God, it may just change your mind!

~ Shawn Spradling
Senior Pastor of Center Pointe Christian Church

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