“God is always involved in our lives, but often we don’t notice, too busy with our own agenda to appreciate what He is doing for us. In her book I Saw That, Tracie shares some poignant events in her life where she was able to see God’s hand interceding in her life in divine, life-changing ways. This is a well-written, engaging narrative that will provide valuable biblical insights on how you, too, can say, ‘I saw that’ when God intervenes in your life.”

~Bob Russell, Retired Senior Minister of Southeast Christian Church


Welcome to my world through the eyes and words of my wife Tracie as she takes her passion for the God of the universe and paints a word picture for you in I Saw That.  Even though I know these stories and lived through them, I couldn’t wait to read what she would write next.  I hope you have the same experience I did. Tracie’s heart for God circulates through the pages in a gripping and emotional rhythm that will keep you fixated on the pages and tearing up as her passion inspires you to see God in all that is life. She writes this as one who lives to see God, as someone who knows Him and wants others to have that same experience.

~ Robert Jack


If you have ever wondered how God is active in your life, I Saw That is a must read! Tracie Jack’s beautifully written stories about seeing God are heartwarming, heart wrenching, and even humorous. After reading I Saw That, I was inspired to listen more closely for God’s voice and direction in my own life. Tracie’s compelling narratives about difficult and meaningful times in her life provided me with a much needed reminder that our sovereign God sees everything in our lives and loves us deeply. Thank you, Tracie, for sharing so much of your life to help us see God moving in big and small ways!

~ Dr. Jodie Edwards, professor and licensed psychologist


A still, small voice has emerged from the solitude of introspection to give the world a genuine, natural and resonant look at the interplay between the mundane and the divine…to maintain, in fact, that they are one and the same. Tracie Jack presents a God not only of our highs and our lows but a God of cheeseburgers, children’s names…crossing the street.

This still small voice resonates because while we often look for God in the highs and lows we rarely seek Him in cheeseburgers, children’s names and when crossing the street. But it is the ever present God that assures us when the highs and lows come that we are not alone. One can rarely expect to read a book written so near to the author’s own voice but this one reads as if read aloud. Bravo!

May the hurting hear a lullaby, the listless a trumpet call to vigilance and may everyone in between find a new definition for all those little events that seems so mundane and say with the author… “I Saw That!”

~ Brady J. Augustine, M-Div, father and fair weather cynic


I Saw That is a wonderful read that raises great question about how we view God, his will and our following his plan in our lives. Tracie does more than just raise questions though, she answers them through the lens of her life.

~ Rusty George, lead pastor of Real Life Church


I Saw That is an inspiring collection of beautiful true stories that magnify the fine details of what God has done in Tracie’s life over the years. It’s an incredible reminder that He is hard at work in all of our lives, orchestrating all of our fi ne details as well! Reading this book has been a wonderful blessing, as it has opened my eyes even wider to the endless love and compassion that our Savior pours over us. If there is anyone out there who feels that the Lord is mostly quiet in their life, or believes that God sits far off in heaven only concerning Himself with the important things –then I Saw That is a book that you must read.  The evidence of God’s great desire to have a personal, intimate and incredibly intentional relationship with us just pours off of every page in this book.

~ Amanda Hendricks, wife & mother


I Saw That is a book for those of us who tend to miss it. We rarely miss the ways that God answers our big, bold prayers…but we rarely see the small ways He cares for us in the daily grind of life. Tracie’s honesty and authenticity in her own struggles reminds us that God cares about the smallest details of our lives just as a father cares for his own children.  Her story represents our story…pain, heartache, chaos, and confusion… and through it all, a God who cares enough to paint a cloud in the sky at just the right moment and showers us with love, grace, and redemption. It’s never a matter of whether or not He is faithful. It’s always a matter of whether or not we see it. If you’re a follower of Jesus, this book will strengthen your faith. If you’re not quite sure you believe in God, it may just change your mind!

~ Shawn Spradling, senior pastor of Center Pointe Christian Church

*Shawn Spradling also wrote the description for I Saw That on the back cover (used also for the Book Summary). Thanks, Shawn!

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